2018 Speakers

january harsheJanuary Harshe is a mother to six children. With each of her birth experiences being different, she wanted to inform women of their birth options and then support them in their own individual choices. She started the Birth Without Fear Facebook page as an outlet for this passion in May 2010 and the Birth Without Fear Blog followed in October 2010.

She now supports women through other social media outlets as well, such as Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. January’s passion is to support women on their journeys of womanhood, pregnancy, birth and motherhood with peace, love and healing.

Brandon Harshe, DC is a chiropractor, but more importantly a husband and father. Having successfully spent over a decade devoting his life to chiropractic, Brandon is now busy behind the scenes helping January bring her love and support and humor to women across the country.

With January running the gamut of various birth experiences over the course of six pregnancies and births, Brandon has learned quite a bit about what it takes to be a supportive partner in the process. And with six kids comes many more learning experiences as a husband and a father—all of which he plans on sharing about at Find Your Village and Birth Without Fear events!