BWF Meet-Ups

What exactly is a Birth Without Fear Meet-Up?  It is a one day event packed with love and support for all women!

We begin with registration from 8:30 to 9am. There are two ticket options – a Basic and an Ergobaby that will include an Ergobaby carrier!

The Meet-Up itself begins at 9am. Each varies a little depending on guest speakers. We talk about our journeys of pregnancy, birth and motherhood as well as the story of Birth Without Fear. We also discuss why having choices and support in birth is so important. This is a time to be inspired and empowered to take back our births!

We break for a one-hour lunch at 11am.

At 12pm, we come back together for the Mothers Harmony Circle. This has been a life changing, validating and unifying experience for all who have attended a Birth Without Fear Conference or MeetUp, and we want more mamas to experience the healing that comes with it. We are working closely with Earth Mama Angel Baby to bring women all over the country methods and tools to help healing in the post partum period and throughout motherhood. This is where we will come together with a warm cup of herbal tea and discuss fears, feel validated, release those fears and experience unity as women.

The day is wrapped up with another short talk, usually on self love and care. We end the day with music, pictures, and laughter.

Friendships are formed and connections are made that are irreplaceable. Healing happens that was and is needed. Women leave feeling empowered. It is a beautiful thing every single time. Every single city. We hope to come to yours soon!