Our first ever MeetUp. Thank you Northern California for having us and letting us learn with you.

The day was fun and full of local moms connecting with current friends and making new one. I loved watching Ruthie say “Hi” to all the local doulas and it was so sweet when she introduced me before speaking. I had the opportunity to speak about my five very different births and behind the scenes of Birth Without Fear. I think the funniest moment was when I was asked what birth control Mr. BWF and I use. I awkwardly tried to answer before just blurting out the answer….but you had to be there.

The afternoon was the first time we had the opportunity to recreate the Harmony Circle of the 1st Annual Birth Without Fear Conference last year. Earth Mama Angel Baby worked to make it that much better for our mamas. It was beautiful to watch mothers feel validated and supported. There was perfect unity. We spoke on taking moments to take care of us too, and that’s OK!

Peggy Vincent, author of Baby Catcher, attended as well. It was fabulous meeting this spirited lady in person. She and Ruthie are definitely kindred spirits. It’s funny how things work out. One of the pregnant moms at the conference was even caught by Peggy years ago!

Robyn, founder of BabyHawk, was also there and helped moms properly use their new custom rainbow BWF Mei Tai carriers! It was so wonderful having her there and she enjoyed connecting with everyone.

It was so fun to meet mothers from the area, hear their stories, hug them, rub their bellies and take lots of pictures. Those moments remind me why I do what I do and I couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you all for being there!

Here are pictures from our Oakland MeetUp. Please note that you can click on a picture and it will be ORIGINAL size for you to use if it is your picture (or your child). Please do not crop or alter photos in any way as they are copyrighted.

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Babymoon Birth Services
Birth by Kelly M.
Abby Alger Photography

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