We are so excited to announce that Jen McLellan with Plus Size Mommy Memoirs will be joining us in Denver this July as a guest speaker! She gave an amazing presentation at the BWF Conference in Austin, TX last October. She is well loved not only online but in her community as she is known to be sweet, down to earth, and her message of body positivity is desperately needed. She will be bringing her smile and love to our Denver peeps (and who knows, maybe we will bring her to another MeetUp as well). Stay tuned!

ETA: After announcing Jen as a speaker for Denver, we were asked to bring her to Portland as well. We want to make each event the best we possibly can, so of course we listened!  She will be flown in to be one of Portland’s guest speakers!

Here is a glimpse at what she may have in store for you!

P.S. We love that dress.

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Images by Kindred Photographer and Leilani Rogers, Photographer.

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